The impressive school building is located in ambient surroundings amidst open spaces and natural beauty. It is an imposing 4 storey building consisting of two identical academic blocks.
The building caters to all the needs of the special children.
The two blocks cover a built up area of approx 36000 sq ft. or 3345 sq meters. It has 42 class rooms. It also has 3 big halls, presently used as hostel for deaf and blind boys and girls. It has adequate space for sports, recreation and cultural activities of the deaf and blind children.
Future expansion plans
In the near future the schools will have total strength of 300 deaf and 150 blind children with a total of 450 children. A new hotel building is also under planning, the construction of which will start soon. The hostel will cater to 300 children in the hostel with break up as under:

Boys 100

Girls 100

Total 200

Boys 30

Girls 70

Total 100
This will be largest special school in India in the near future.