Recent Event: Sensitization Workshop To Understand Children With Deaf Blindness
Deafblindness is a combination of visual and hearing impairments. The degree of deafness or blindness varies in individuals but the important factor is that this combination (of both sensory impairment) creates unique problems in communication, mobility and their ability to learn about the world. It may seem that deafblindness refers to a total inability to see or hear but many deafblind people have remaining vision or hearing that they can learn to use better. A deafblind child cannot be thought of as blind and also deaf, nor as deaf and also blind. She is deafblind and deafblindness is a unique disability; it has its own concepts and terminology, its own methods of assessment and education, and its own modes of communication which distinguishes it from blindness and deafness understood separately.
Inauguration of the Patiala School for the DEAFBLIND
It is a landmark day in the history of Soceity for Welfare of The Handicapped Regd, managing Patiala School for The Deaf and Patialal School For The Blind to another feather to its cap with the inauguration of Patiala School for The Deafblind.Here is a write up on the Republic day celebrations held in the school premises.
World Braille Day
On the occasion of World Braille day on 04 Jan each year, it is important to know how an individual transformed the lives of millions of blind by providing them with a language which can be read and written. It is also unique that this language which consists of just 6 dots can be read and written in 64 languages. This genius was a young French boy named Louis Braille. Blind from the age of three, young Louis desperately wanted to read. He realized the vast world of thought and ideas that was locked out to him because of his disability. And he was determined to find the key to this door for himself, and for all other blind persons.We Thank You
We Thank You
We would wish to thank for your recent visit to the school. The students had a wonderful time with you, and we hope you return soon!
Republic Day 2013 Celebrations.
Republic Day 2013 celebrations were organised by senior staff and management of John Deere (Tractor) group. About 20 staff members from John Deere group visited the school, it was a day full of fun games, activities, gifts and prizes for the Deaf and Blind Children. The day started with flag hoisting and singing of the National Anthem by Blind children, followed by lots of games and activities for all the children.We thank the volunteers from John Deere group for having made this an enjoyable and memorable day.
46th raising day
Dear Sir, We celebrated our 46th raising day on 20 Apr. The function was a grand success. Maharani Preneet Kaur, Minister of State, External Affairs, Govt. of India was the Chief Guest. Sh. Harjeet Singh Sohi, Director Income Tax ( Investigations) Govt. of India presided over the function and Sh.Vikram Dutt, Gen Secy Child Welfare, New Delhi was the Guest of Honour. The function started with a song by most of the Blind children of the School. This time we had 40 blind boys and girls on the stage at the same time singing a beautiful song titled " Itni Shakti hame dena aye data". It was a soul stirring song which moves the soul and heart. WE had four items in which deaf and blind children performed together on the stage. A group of 12 blind children staged a play to send the message of "Save trees and animals". Our two deafblind, Aney Mathew and Raman were also introduced to the audience with Aney Mathew sending a SMS message to the Presiding Officer. The Chief guest,